Traditional Insurance Plans

Traditional group insurance plans are the most common and familiar for many businesses. They offer a high level of service, security and a wide network of doctors and hospitals. Premiums are guaranteed for a year at a time.

It's a one-size-fits-all solution, and does not take into account individual employee's needs or preferences. Employee medical expenses are submitted to an insurance company, and the business is reimbursed according to the plan's design.

With our strong network of providers, ThinkTank will help to keep your traditional group insurance premiums at an affordable level. Our consistent, hands-on approach keeps administration simple and transparent. Further, or obsessive care for your employee's wellness helps keeps everybody healthy, happy and satisfied with their benefits packages.

Traditional Insurance Plans:

  • Simple and conventional, but offers employers few advantages
  • Employers get little to no information regarding how their healthcare dollars are spent. As a result, their hands are tied when it comes to making informed decisions on how to reduce those costs. Comes with high tax loads.
  • May look appealing in a single year, but offers no protection against annual swings in volatility and cost.
  • In exchange for a year of stability in the form of monthly payments, you get years of instability, volatile premium increases and no long-term strategy.
  • Employers have no control over their plan design or covered benefits.
  • Cash flow is predictable, but high, as claims are entirely pre-funded.
  • Little to no flexibility in plan design to allow for cost containment initiatives such as access to a competitive PBM, and limiting or excluding access to specialty drugs.

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