Who's ThinkTank?

ThinkTank Insurance Partners, Inc. (TTIP) was founded in 2018 by Peter Krynski & Lupe Salgado with a focus on servicing middle market organizations in the Chicagoland area.

With a combined 44 years of group benefits experience between the two founders, and the relationships they have formed over the course of their careers, TTIP has not had any problems attracting talented and experienced members to their team, and thanks to this our team has grown quickly. In 2020, ThinkTank added a Payroll/HR Consultant to round out our Benefits Consulting Practice with 11 employees.

Peter & Lupe envisioned a brokerage firm that could better serve widely ignored middle-market organizations. They found that these businesses and public entities were overlooked by the larger agencies and had needs too great for smaller brokers. Drawing on their large brokerage experience, Peter & Lupe created an agency built on the principles of superb customer service and a desire to educate in multiple facets. This philosophy has been the foundation for the growth and success of the agency. By customizing our services to meet your needs, TTIP goes beyond the efforts of a typical brokerage and strives to become the right-hand of your HR Department. We continue to evolve as a firm to bring you the latest in technology, healthcare reform, and administrative resources.

The culture of ThinkTank is centered around its employees and their families. Anticipating the desires of future employees, our systems were built with the ability to work from anywhere. The COVID Pandemic was obviously an adjustment for the entire country; however, fortunately our team was able to adjust and continue to produce high quality service as a “nimbler” partner than most.

Over the last 18 years, Lupe has managed service personnel at 3 different agencies. She thirsts for training and sharing her 30 years of experience. By passing her wealth of knowledge on to the next generation of team members, ThinkTank will have a bright future of high client retention as we continue to grow over decades to come.

Peter started his career at a boutique employee benefits firm in 2006. From there he moved to a much larger firm which offered additional opportunities to work with specialized team members as well as larger clients and more complicated benefit packages. While Healthcare is expensive and necessary, understanding the funding mechanisms, alternative options, and that it can be made more efficient, will lead to more fair pricing for health insurance.


We’re here to help

Navigating the ever-changing world of employee benefits can be difficult, costly and at times, confusing. In a world of complacent brokers with reactive service, it can be down right frustrating. We started ThinkTank to be the antidote for the typical broker. Think of us as your "un-broker." A nimble and motivated group looking out for your best interests, with a full spectrum of benefit consulting services.