Employee Benefits

ThinkTank Insurance Partners is a full-service Employee Benefits Consulting firm. We offer the full spectrum of medical benefits solutions, to control costs and provide the perfect program for your employees.

ThinkTank will cover the different types of funding arrangements that your company is eligible for. We will take a consultative approach to understanding client culture, health risks, as well as risk tolerance when identifying appropriate health insurance vehicles for your group.

You will be able to outsource your non-core functions, giving your organization the maximum flexibility to eliminate costs, realize operational efficiencies and remain competitive. ThinkTank brings to the table experienced experts, proven processes, and sophisticated systems to help manage all your administrative functions. Our goal is to create a relationship where we can alleviate some of the headaches that accompany being an employer and to serve as a sounding board for strategic HR and business decisions, a ThinkTank per se.

At ThinkTank we’ve built a foundation on a culture that puts people first, and just as we value our own team, we in turn extend the same care to you and your employees. More than just a broker, our commitment to accountability, reliability, deep and evolving expertise, and open, honest communication allows us to provide you with best-in-class service, robust HR infrastructure, and the ability to scale our services as your group continues to evolve.