Level Funded Case Studies 2021

The best part about level funding is the refund checks! Check out how these Chicagoland companies saved big this year with level funding...

TE - Shorewood, IL

  • 15 life group
  • Saves 16% by moving to a Level funded Plan
  • Qualifies for a $27K refund
  • Paid about 95 days after the policy ends

DHS - Crestwood​, IL

  • 26 Employees on a Health Insurance Plan​
  • Moved from Fully Insured for a 39% Savings ​
  • 7% Increase after the 1st year​
  • 6.6% Increase after the 2nd year​
  • Employees have a larger network of doctors to choose from

GP - Chicago​, IL

  • 34 Employees on a Health Insurance Plan​
  • Moved from a PEO Plan to stay Flat in Premium​
  • Avoided an unjustified 20% increase from PEO​
  • In their 3rd year of staying “very close” to flat costs​
  • Rewarded with a Wellness Fund of $1500 to spend toward employees

CM- Tinley Park​

  • 48 Employees on a Health Insurance Plan​
  • Moved from Fully Insured for a 28% Savings​
  • On pace to spend approximately $100,000 less in 1st year​
  • Monthly reporting shows they are Trending Profitably​
  • Despite the change, Network Reports show 99.4% of claims are paid In-Network

BAL - Clarendon Hills, IL

  • 28 Employees on a Health Insurance Plan​
  • Multiple Years of Alternative Funding under their belts!​
  • 3% REDUCTION in costs last renewal (after an initial renewal 9% Increase)​
  • 4% increase previous year​
  • $7500 in Wellness Fund to spend towards employees over the last 2 years
Marty Thomas

Marty Thomas

Marty has spent most of the last 20 years developing software in the marketing space and creating pathways for software systems to talk to each other with high efficiency. He heads our digital marketing efforts as well as oversees any technology implementations for our clients. As a partner, Marty is also responsible for internal systems in which help our team communicates with each other and our clients.