Anxiety Tops List of Mental Health-related Workplace Issues

Mental health provider ComPsych revealed that anxiety is the top mental health issue impacting workers. Nearly one-quarter (24%) of the individuals who contacted ComPsych for mental help assistance in 2023 were looking for help with anxiety. Last year, ComPsych facilitated more than 300,000 cases for American workers.

Anxiety has drastically risen in recent years. Anxiety didn’t even rank as a top-five mental health issue in ComPsych’s 2017 analysis. Now, this mental health condition has surpassed common struggles, such as depression, stress, relationship and family issues, addiction and grief, and has taken the top spot. Mental health experts aren’t necessarily surprised by the increase in Americans’ anxiety, and the condition will likely continue to present challenges for employees and employers alike.

“From the pandemic to ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, civil unrest, an unpredictable economy and increasingly polarized political rhetoric surrounding elections, there is a persistent underlying feeling of apprehension and worry.” - Richard Chaifetz, founder, CEO and chairman of ComPsych

Furthermore, these findings about anxiety come just weeks after ComPsych revealed that mental health-related leaves of absence are rising in the workplace—up 33% in 2023 from 2022. Looking again at a surge in anxiety over the past several years, mental health-related absences are up 300% from 2017 to 2023. Female employees and younger workers (e.g., millennials and Generation X) accounted for most leaves of absence.

Employer Takeaway

This data is an indicator of the rise of mental health issues affecting American workers. In response, organizations should consider reviewing their mental health benefits and resources, such as employee assistance programs, and ensure they’re well-utilized by employees. Education efforts can also help employees fully understand their available mental health tools and resources. Contact us today for more information.

Marty Thomas

Marty Thomas

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