Saved $1.2M in 6 years

Case Study: This Illinois Corporation saved $1.2 Million through our Captive

In 2011, an Illinois Corporation was traditionally self-funded and faced a proposed renewal at nearly $1.1M for their 2012 renewal. They then moved to a very aggressive Fully-Insured offer with a $5,000 Single deductible with an HRA. That solution worked for 2 years until we were faced with a high claimant and little information.

In 2014, this group of 60 employees entered our Captive and had 3 years of very stable costs. They were faced with Brain Cancer, HIV, multiple knee surgeries as well as high Rx utilization more recently.

If you trended the 1st Fully Insured Offer in 2012 by 9% year over year (gray line), this IL Corp saved $1,282,891 over the last 6 years.

case study

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